There are several ways you can contact Toast to get support for your website.

You’ll find our support system much easier to use if you register here:

Sign up for a Toast Support Account

Click the Sign In link on the top right of the page and then click Sign Up on the popup.

How to submit a ticket.

You can log new support tickets in one of several ways.

Support tickets mean that we can keep track of everything that needs doing. They are also tied into our time-tracking and invoicing system, so we can provide you with full reports of any requests made, the time used and any associated costs.

All support requests that are sent directly to staff will now be forwarded to Zendesk where tickets will be created automatically.

If it’s an URGENT request.

If you have an urgent request it’s always best to call us on 01295 266644. This will get one of the team on the issue asap.

Examples of URGENT requests are: The site is down, the home page does not work properly, site running slowly, legal information updates etc.


High priority requests are important, but not mission critical. Either call us on 01295 266644 or raise a high priority ticket. These types of ticket include things such as CSS issues, publishing content issues or errors on the site that don’t impair visitors.

If it’s a NORMAL priority.

Submit a ticket and the team will acknowledge it and sort it in due course.

If it’s a LOW priority.

Submit the request via a ticket and we’ll take a look. Low priority tickets tend to be questions or comments rather than actionable things.

We have several types of ticket types:

Question – as it suggests, use this type of ticket when you want something answered. While it’s sometimes easier just to pick up the phone, submitting a ticket means it goes to the entire team and someone will come back to you quicker. These tickets typically have a low priority.

Problem – not always a high priority ticket. This should be used when something non-critical is required.

Incident – use this when something has happened or broken that affects the site. These tickets are typically set to a high or urgent priority.

Task – as it says on the tin. Tasks are generally used for new work requests. They can have any priority.