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Below is our non-disclosure agreement for access to your site.

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Type of NDA: Temporary website admin access.

This agreement confirms that Toast Design Consultancy Limited has requested temporary admin access to your WordPress website(s), and declares the following whilst access is granted.


This Non-disclosure agreement covers the following:


  1. Toast will not disclose any information regarding the site content, theme, plugins, or any additional functionality to any third-party
  2. Toast will not share access nor store any access passwords to the site(s)
  3. Access to the site shall be restricted only to employees within Toast that need to view the site for the purposes of providing feedback/comment to the client

Files and Data

  1. Toast will not copy any files or content from the site
  2. Toast will not modify any files contained within the WordPress install, database or hosted on the server
  3. We may need FTP and database access to your site. We will use this for access purposes only and request approval before we administer and changes to files on your server or your sites database.

Intellectual Property

  1. Toast shall not disclose to any third party any details of bespoke programming, functions, ideas or site operations that are unique to the website(s)
  2. Toast shall not disclose to any third party any details of plans, development ideas or discussion regarding the design and/or functionality of the website(s)


  1. On completion of Toasts admin access, Toast will require the client to remove Toast as a registered user of the website(s).

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