Pay as you go SEO.

Keep on top of your SEO with our monthly plans.

How WordPress Support Works

Firstly, why bother with SEO?

It doesn’t matter what niche your business is in, how big your site is or how many visits you get a month, SEO can win you new business leads.

There are people out there searching online for what you have to offer every hour of every day, so improving your website SEO means that you can start getting visitors to your site that are looking for what you have to offer.

The best thing about SEO is that once you get your site ranking, it can stay ranking and deliver a consistent number of leads to your business 24/7.

What’s even better is that the more niche or specialised your service or product, the easier SEO can become.

SEO is an investment – it’s essentially advertising and therefore you expect to see a return on it. Unlike conventional press advertising, SEO can get you on page one of the search results and your website can then be configured to demonstrate that you are winning new business through your SEO efforts.

What we offer.

We have a range of packages for SEO that can be bolted onto your SiteCare package or purchased independently.

All SEO takes time, so these packages are based on a number of minutes per month, just like our WordPress support options.


SEO 60

Perfect if you are just getting started with SEO. This option gives you 60 minutes of time per month for SEO work on your site.

£60 ex VAT per month
£50 ex VAT per month if you already have a support plan


SEO 120

If SEO is more important to your business, 120 minutes per month is a good investment to start making more significant search engine optimisation improvements to your website.

£120 ex VAT per month
£100 ex VAT per month if you already have a support plan


SEO 180

As per the SEO 120 plan but with more time each month to invest into your site.

£180 ex VAT per month
£140 ex VAT per month if you already have a support plan

Need more time for SEO? No problem – talk to us about larger bespoke plans.

What we do with your time.

SEO can cover everything from technical improvements to copywriting.

Our SEO plans are proactive, meaning that we don’t wait for you to make requests.

We actively work on your site every month to improve your SEO.

If we are suggesting copy edits or amends for SEO purposes, we’ll always get these approved before anything goes live.


Technical SEO

  • Improving the speed of your website
  • Checking Google’s Page Speed scores and improving them
  • Increasing your sites Lighthouse scores for build, speed and accessibility
  • Hosting checks to make sure your environment is up to it
  • Optimising your theme and plugins to improve your site
  • Improving code, CSS and PHP
  • Uptime checks
  • Adding Premium plugins to your site to improve performance


On-page SEO

  • Checking your content for errors
  • Improving your internal linking
  • Improving your site structure
  • Checking content length, keyword densities, readability and content optimisation
  • Reviewing Conversion rate optimisation
  • Reviewing and improving User Experience
  • Ensuring Yoast SEO is correctly implemented
  • Optimising images
  • Checking and optimising ALT tags for images
  • Content editing to improve text optimisation
  • Content production (subject available time)


Off-page SEO

  • Finding backlink opportunities
  • Sharing content to social media networks
  • Blogger outreach
  • Guest posting
  • Domain Authority improvements
  • Broken link building
  • Commenting
  • Forum posting
  • Brand name monitoring

Note that off-page SEO typically takes a lot of time and often requires additional investment.

What you get for your money.

We’ve created these SEO plans to be affordable for most SMEs.

In reality, 60 minutes of time is not a large amount of time, but you can still get better SEO on your site by investing a small amount.

To give you some idea of how long things take:

  • Editing a single page of content to suggest SEO improvements typically takes 3040 minutes; applying the changes (once approved) takes a further 15 minutes
  • Reading through an audit report and letting you know about what needs to be actioned takes around 15 minutes; actioning the optimisation can take 3060 minutes
  • Doing some SEO keyword research into a term you want to rank for – 20 minutes
  • Checking your entire site for internal link opportunities for a single keyword – 45 minutes
  • Correctly adding ALT Tags to 30 images – 15 minutes
  • Optimising the file sizes of 50 images – 10 minutes
  • Suggesting a new blog post title, researching associated Keywords and providing advice – 45 minutes
  • Writing an optimised blog post on a generic subject to improve your ranking – 120180 minutes


Breaking things down into bite-sized chunks.

By regularly working on your SEO, no matter how small the changes, you will see an improvement in your site’s ranking.

These packages are designed to be affordable, so your SEO is spread over time to keep monthly investment lower and to demonstrate effectiveness without investing £1000s.

If you want to speed up the results, it’s simply a case of investing a little more each month to get the work (and results) quicker.

Our plans are very flexible, so whatever your budget for investing in SEO, we can help.


No contracts, tie-ins or wondering where your spend is going.

Typically SEO takes at least three months to kick in, so we do advise a minimum of three months investment to get started.

After that, you can keep going as you are, upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime with one full calendar months notice.


We don’t work on ‘averages’.

A lot of SEO agencies will try and demonstrate effectiveness by looking at your ‘average rankings’.

This basically means that if they get your average rank position up, they’ve done their job. 

We don’t do it like this – we track individual keywords and work on them as campaigns in their own right.

We use ‘search intent‘ research and only work on keywords that are going to win you new business – not loosely connected keywords that may or may not work for you.



When we work on SEO, we track the keywords we are working on every week and provide an objective third-party report on where they are ranking.

We don’t just send you a Google Analytics report – we’ve invested in additional tools to make our work 100% transparent and a lot less complicated than looking at Google Analytics.

Getting started with pay as you go SEO.

We can’t really advise on the best plan for your site until we’ve had a conversation with you about your site and what you want to achieve.

To get started, it’s best to call us on 01295 266644 or complete the form and we’ll get in touch to set up an initial 30-minute free consultation.