Do you just need a team to keep your site in tip-top condition?

We offer a 100% proactive service where we’ll keep your site up to date, fix any errors and make sure it stays fast, accessible and working hard.

WordPress Maintenance Mode

You’ve probably got better things to do than check website audits, site reports and whether you’ve got unminified Javascript on your website.

Get Proactive WP support

Just because your business has a website, it doesn’t mean that you should have to become technically proficient in HTML, PHP, CSS and website optimisation.

Our proactive WordPress maintenance service will take care of all the technical aspects of your website, leaving you free to get on with what you’re meant to be doing.

What does ‘proactive’ mean?

Our SiteCare plans are based on our clients making requests for assistance. When they ask for help, we are there to sort it – whether it’s posting a new blog or helping to create a new page.

Our Proactive WordPress support works the other way around.

Every month, we actively monitor your site for any errors or issues and we fix them for you, without the need for you to monitor the site yourself.

How it works.

We plug your site into the premium monitoring tools we use, such as SEM Rush, Google Console and SE Ranking.

These tools actively monitor your site for any errors, warnings or issues that could be affecting your visitors, site speed or search engine rankings.

Each month, we’ll fix these issues for you without you having to ask, simply emailing you a report to let you know what was done and showing you the improvement.

What sort of things do we fix?

Websites are far more than just lines of code.

WordPress is a complex combination of content, images, plugins, themes and scripts that need to be continually optimised and checked to make sure your site is performing as it should.

We check and fix:

  • A full site audit that looks for every possible little error or issue on your site
  • Your on-page SEO
  • Your WordPress install, theme and plugins – keeping everything up-to-date
  • Issues with your DNS, such as SPF, DMARC and DKIM problems, speed issues or errors
  • Page Speed Insights – keeping your sites performance scores as high as they can be in independent tests
  • Your rankings – we’ll monitor and report on your top keywords to see if they are slipping in the results*
  • Your backlinks – are toxic sites linking to you? If so we’ll disavow them in Google to protect your domain’s reputation

*SEO checks and reports are included, if your keywords do slip in the results, content work may be required, which we can do, but it not covered by the proactive package.

Get started

Who is this package for?

Our Proactive WordPress support is designed for people that have better things to do than spend time reading over complex website performance reports.

If you would like all the technical aspects of maintaining a website to be efficiently dealt with by someone else, this package is for you.


How much does this cost?

The Proactive WordPress support package is charged at £99 ex VAT per month.

This includes fixing all the technical issues on your website.

We’ll keep on top of everything and send you a monthly report to let you know what’s been done and the improvements gained.

Getting started.

Complete the form or call us on 01295 266644; we’ll take an initial look over your site and run a free audit for you.

Once we’ve had a look, we can then get you set up with Proactive WordPress support.