WordPress backups

Having a recent backup of your site is essential. If the worst happens and you get hacked, a recent backup will get your site online again fast.

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WordPress backups are as important as any other aspect of your site.

WordPress is a very popular content management system and this can make it an attractive target for disruptive hackers.

WordPress backups mean that should the worst happen, you’ve got a clean version of the site that can be restored quickly.

This minimised downtime and the hassle of trying to clean up a hacked site.

The two types of backup

There are generally two different types of WordPress backup. The first is usually an off-site cloned copy of the site, stored as a ZIP file on a separate server.

Should the worst happen, your site can be restored by uploading the backed-up files back to the server and restoring the site to its previous state.

This option is fine, but it does take some time to upload everything (especially if you have a large site); be prepared for some downtime.

The second option is server-based restorable backups. This option provides a one-click restore of your site to a previous version – usually several backups are taken, so you’ve a week or even month’s worth of backups.

This option has the advantage of being quick to implement, minimising downtime and hassle.

Backups are one of the most important elements in your site’s defence toolkit. The hackers are out there, and without a recent backup of your site, you can leave yourself open to a lot of work fixing your site.

Wherever your site is hosted, you should make sure you’ve got backups capabilities with your hosting company, or a plugin on the site to backup the site frequently.

Our WordPress support plans include backups – another reason to make sure your site is properly supported and maintained.

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