WordPress site amends and tweaks

Whether you need a bit of help with a layout, images, galleries or forms, we can help.

WordPress Support

Get help with WordPress tweaks and amends.

While WordPress is generally pretty intuitive to use, every-so-often you’ll need a bit of help with WordPress site amends and tweaks like:

  • Finding the best plugin to do something
  • Installing and styling plugins
  • Fixing broken stuff
  • Adding new templates
  • Fixing menus and styling
  • General CSS tweaks
  • Changing hard-coded content
  • Content formatting

Our WordPress support plans cover all this and more

We’re not just there for technical assistance – our support clients request a wide range of help, and we’re there to get things sorted.

Your WordPress support contract will pay for itself in the amount of time you’ll save outsourcing these odd-jobs to Toast.

What makes us different from other support agencies is our all-agency offering, meaning you can also use your support time for things like:

  • Design and Artwork
  • Copywriting, editing and proofreading
  • Site audits and user experience
  • Persona planning & user journeys
  • Landing page analysis and optimisation
  • Social Media
  • Adwords
  • Strategy and consultation

We like to make sure that you use your support time each month to continually improve your website.

No job too small

Save time and money by submitting your alterations and tweaks to Toast. We’ll log in, make the required changes and let you know when everything is done.

We know you’ve got better things to do than spending hours trying to get something to work properly – we’ll get it sorted – and often within the same day as the support request.

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Why spend hours battling with tweaks when we can sort them quickly?

Our support time is broken down into 15 minute blocks, so you get more support for your money.

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