WordPress Support Packages.

Everything you need to ensure your WordPress site is well looked after and performing as it should.

Our support packages are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of most sites.

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WordPress Support

Support & Maintenance packages for WordPress websites.

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Whether you have a small blog or a large corporate site, we can provide monthly updates, support and reports to make sure your WordPress site is kept in tip-top condition.

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SiteCare 40

SiteCare 80

SiteCare 120

SiteCare 250

Need a bigger plan?

We also offer bespoke plans for larger, mission-critical websites. Contact us for more information.
WordPress Core Updates
Updating the WordPress installation.
Once a month
Twice a month
We use a premium plugin to manage updating the WordPress core files and database. This will be set to run as per your plan and updates will be checked once completed.
Theme updates
Making sure your theme is running the most current version.
Once a month
Twice a month
The main theme that's in use on your site will also be automatically updated in line with your plan options. Note that premium themes may require a licence to be updated.
Plugin updates
Keeping your plugins up-to-date and secure.
Once a month
Twice a month
Your websites plugins will be updated automatically in line with your plan and then checked by the team. If you have premium plugins installed, valid licences will be required for updated.
Support time per month*
The number of minutes you can use each month.
40 minutes
80 minutes
120 minutes
250 minutes
This is the amount of support time the plan allows for each month. We work in minutes, so if a task takes 11 minutes, we simply remove 11 minutes off your allocated time for the month. Please note that time does not carry over from month to month, but if we find you are not using your time, we'll notify you. If you run out of time in any one month, you can simply top-up your time if required.
Site Audit
An objective SEM Rush report on the health of your site, sent to you via email.
Optional +£5 per month
Optional +£5 per month
This optional extra is an independent health check of your website provided by SEM Rush. This audit highlights any new issues on your site that you can then use your support time to rectify.
Keyword Performance
Tracking your sites ranking.
Optional +£5 per month for 10 Keywords
Optional +£5 per month for 20 Keywords
20 Keywords, monthly report
40 Keywords, weekly report
If you invest in SEO, or are simply interested in tracking where you website ranks for certain keywords, we can track these for you and provide a report on where you are ranking for the keyword and which page of your site ranks.

Need help with SEO?

We offer bolt on SEO plans at discounted rates to support clients Find out more.
Response time
How quickly we'll response to your request, office hours.
12 hours
12 hours
8 hours
4 hours
Fix time
Office hours.
Within 24 hours
Within 12 hours
Within 8 hours
Within 4 hours
Development/Creative work
Work on your site over and above fixing things.
All SiteCare plans allow for development and creative work. Your monthly minutes can be used for design work or theme development. Please note that all development work is scheduled into the studio - fix times do not apply to development requests.
Support Contact
How you can reach us.
Phone & Online
Phone & Online
Phone & Online
Phone & Online
Costs & Billing
£40/month (£480/year)
Plus any options
£80/month (£960/year)
Plus any options
£120/month (£1440/year)
£250/month (£3000/year)
Pay annually and save 10%: £432
Pay annually and save 10%: £864
Pay annually and save 10%: £1296
Pay annually and save 10%: £2700
*Time used to update WordPress, themes and plugins come out of this total.
Site Audits are automatic, objective audits of your site that highlight errors and areas for improvement.
Keyword performance enable you to track the performance of your site in the Search Engines - if you are investing in SEO, these reports can save you money.
Office hours. All support and response times are office hours only - 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday. If you need out-of-hours support, please call us.
All prices are EX VAT.
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Uk-based support team

We all work out of the Toast studio in Oxfordshire. Just call us on 01295 266644. You can even pop in and say hello! All staff are full-time, we don't use freelancers.

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Everything done in-house

All work is completed by our own team, we outsource nothing. You'll deal with the same team all the time who will all get to know you and your site.

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Flexible plans

You can dial your plan up or down at anytime, top it up if you need more time or cancel it with one months notice. We don't tie our clients into complex contracts.

How it works.

We provide support via phone, email or support tickets.

Unlike many WordPress support services, all our team are based in our studio in the UK.

You can submit requests via email, our online ticket system or by giving us a call on 01295 266644.

Your support time is per-minute which means if a task takes us three minutes, we only record three minutes off your allocated time for the month.

This makes SiteCare great value for money and very efficient.

More services than most.

Whilst other WordPress maintenance providers only offer technical assistance, with Toast, you can use your support time across all the services we provide. These include:

  • SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Design/Artwork
  • Copywriting/Editing
  • Marketing strategy/advice
  • Branding
  • Creative

As we’ll as providing WordPress support, Toast is a full-service creative and marketing agency, so you’ll get the benefits of having a team of 14 creative and marketing experts to call upon as-and-when needed.

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Which plan is right for you?

It’s best to start smaller and grow as you need it.

All our plans are flexible so they can grow as you need them to.

If you start on a smaller plan and then find you need more support, no problem! Just top-up your time as required.

If you’d like to switch your plan up or down at any time, just let us know and we’ll get it fixed up.


This is the best plan for small websites or blogs where you are just looking for your updates to be managed and have only 2-3 requests per month for additional support.


Similar to our basic plan, but comes with a little more time per month for clients who have more requests for assistance on a monthly basis.


More time and some additional SEO reports for your site – this plan suits SMEs with smaller ‘brochure style’ websites typically less than 100 pages of content.


This is our entry-level plan for larger business websites where you are actively working on your site on a weekly or daily basis.

Bespoke SiteCare

We look after larger corporate websites for clients including Westminster City Council, Adam Henson’s Cotswold Farm Park and Team GB.

If you are a larger business looking for a more bespoke support plan, just get in touch below.


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Do you just need ad-hoc support?

On top of the retained WordPress support packages, we also provide ad-hoc support for smaller sites.

If you think that you might only need a bit of help every other month, our ad-hoc support might be the best option for you.

We call this Toast Time and it works like this:

  • You pre-buy a number of hours of our time in bulk and get a reduced hourly rate.
  • Each time you put in a support request (via phone, email or a ticket), we’ll give you an estimate of how long it will take.
  • Once done, we simply take the time off of your total.

Toast time is charged by the minute, so you won’t be charged for a full hours work for a small tweak to your site (like with ad-hoc support). Everything is recorded and we can provide fully-itemised reports on what you’ve used and what you have left.

If you run out of time, you can simply top-up or switch to a retained plan if we think that would be better value for you.

Toast Time does not include any reporting on your site as standard, but you can use your Toast Time to request Site Audits, Keyword reports and use it against any of the services we provide – from artwork to web design.

Get Toast Time or Get a quick fix

Bespoke support.

For larger websites with more complex requirements.

If you manage a large corporate site, there’s a good chance that you need more of a tailored approach to your website support and maintenance.

We can create a bespoke WordPress support and maintenance plan that fits in with your needs and SLA requirements.

This can be a support-only arrangement or can include premium WordPress hosting so we look after everything for you.

Get bespoke WordPress support

Need more information?

WordPress Support

Need more support?

If you think you’ll need more support for your site, we can put together a bespoke SiteCare package to meet your needs. Just give us a call on 01295 266644 and we can have a chat through your requirements.

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We know there are 100s of WordPress support companies out there, so if you have any questions, either contact us or give us a call for a chat. We cover everything WordPress – from your theme and plugins through to help with your hosting.

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