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Like many people, you may find you have a bit of a list of stuff that needs doing on your site.

Get expert help with your WordPress site.

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We work on all kinds of WordPress sites, so we can help you get your site sorted, but it can take some time.

WordPress developers build sites in many different ways, so it’s impossible for us to instantly know how to fix your site issues and errors.

Diagnosing issues with WordPress sites can often take longer than fixing them, specifically if you have a bespoke-built site.

Therefore, for all new sites, we have a diagnose and solve service that’s designed to get the most work done within an affordable fee.



We’ll ask you to provide a list of what you need to have done on the site, any known issues and anything else you need to get done.


We will take a quick look at the site (max 15 mins) to ascertain the quality of the build, the plugins used and the overall setup.


We ask all our clients to purchase an initial three hours of our time to start working through the issues outlined on their websites.

Getting started.

To get going, you just need to buy an initial three hours of our time, and we’ll then get the process started.

Once purchased, we will schedule the work in order of priority, with any urgent tasks being completed ASAP.

As we work through the tasks, we’ll update you on progress and time used.

  • We work in 30-minute blocks, so all your time is not used up without you knowing what is being done.
  • If we discover a task is more complex than initially estimated, we will advise before we do anything further.
  • If you have time left in the three hours once all the work is done, you can save it for another task.

Frequently asked questions.

When can this be done?

We schedule the work in order of priority and the service you select. We are usually able to get started within three working days for non-urgent work.

What happens if all my time gets used up?

We work in 30-minute blocks, so our team will not simply use all your time with no feedback. We do a small task and let you know how long it takes before we move on to the next. If we find more time is needed, we advise in advance.

What happens if the work is more complex than first-thought?

This happens sometimes, but as we work in blocks of time, we’ll know within the first 30 minutes if the task at hand will need more time and advise accordingly.

Do we work on the live site?

Where possible, we do, as it saves you time and money. If there is a more complex task or something that could potentially take down the site, we may suggest alternatives, such as cloning the site to one of our servers to do the work.

Do I have to pay upfront?

Yes. If this is the first project we are working on together, we ask everybody to pay for the work before we start.

What happens if you can’t fix it.

This is rare, but we occasionally encounter very sloppy work that simply can’t be fixed. In such cases, we suggest an alternative solution to achieve a fix.

Can we have a meeting?

We generally have short initial online meetings with our clients to discuss the project. We can have additional meetings during the project if you wish, but they do use the time up.

Do you offer any guarantees?

We guarantee we will deliver the solution your site needs. We can’t guarantee this will be achieved in the initial three hours until we have begun the work. We do guarantee that we will keep you informed at every step and will never use all your time without achieving what is achievable during it.

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