SiteCare 40 – WordPress Support contract

Perfect for small websites or blogs – SiteCare 40 gives you support when you need it.

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WordPress Support

WordPress support and maintenance for small websites.

If you have a small website or blog,  then SiteCare 40 is the base plan that we’d recommend.

Smaller sites tend to have fewer support issues each month and this plan provides you with a smaller amount of support time to match this.

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WordPress Plugin Updates

Monthly theme and plugin updates

We’ll keep your theme and plugins up-to-date and working as they should.

WordPress Updates

Core WordPress updates

Updating your WordPress install monthly to keep it running the most up-to-date version.


Daily Backups

Daily secure backups

Keeping a secure daily backup of your entire site and database.


Security Monitoring

Active Sucuri security monitoring

We’ll hook your site into our Sucuri developer account to provide top-notch 24/7 security monitoring.

Weekly Site Audit

Monthly Site Audit

We’ll run a weekly Audit on your site to check and report on its health and performance.

Weekly Time

40 minutes per month of technical support

When you need work doing on your site, we’ll be on hand to help you out – whatever it is!

Is this the right plan for your site?

SiteCare 40 is designed for smaller websites.

This plan is designed for sites that have only the occasional monthly request for support.

This plan is perfect for small websites or personal blogs. We don’t recommend this for larger sites or WooCommerce.

Want to get started?

Before we can offer you WordPress support, we need to do an audit of your website.

This involves some initial tests on your site and a report on the current health of the site.

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