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If you just need your WP site updated or are looking for additional maintenance, we can help.

What is WordPress maintenance?

Like most software, WordPress must be updated regularly to keep it working correctly and securely.

We provide WordPress maintenance for all types of WP sites including:

  • WordPress.com hosted sites
  • Small WordPress sites that are self-hosted
  • Large and corporate WordPress sites
  • WordPress with WooCommerce
  • WordPress Multisites

We can look after the basics for you such as updates to WP core, themes and plugins, or we can do more, such as design, development work and SEO.

What’s the difference between WordPress maintenance and WordPress support?

WordPress maintenance is what it says on the tin; WordPress support is generally a broader range of services.

If you are looking for WordPress maintenance, you are probably looking for someone to take care of the technical aspects of maintaining a WordPress website.

Maintenance would typically include:

  • Keeping the WordPress software up-to-date
  • Updating the site’s theme
  • Regularly updating installed plugins.

WordPress support takes in more services such as:

  • Making changes to your site layout
  • Changing theme files (development work)
  • Design and UX updates
  • Adding content
  • Doing on-page SEO

Maintaining your WordPress site is about keeping everything up-to-date; supporting your WordPress website is about helping you with all aspects of it.

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Why should you have a WordPress maintenance package in place?

Thankfully, updating WordPress and keeping it up-to-date is much easier than it used to be.

With more recent updates to the WordPress core, auto-updates to WordPress and installed plugins can now be automated, but this doesn’t mean they always work and can’t cause errors on your website.

Having a maintenance contract in place means that you have one less thing to worry about, and you know that your website, which is probably your main marketing tool, is being looked after by a team of professional WordPress experts.

If WordPress updates go wrong, tracking the cause of the problem can be tricky, and the last thing you need is too much downtime on your site.

A WordPress maintenance package means that if the worst happens, you know you have people who can fix it quickly and efficiently.

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How much should a WordPress maintenance package cost?

If you are just having WordPress updates maintained, then it should not cost much.

As mentioned above, WordPress updates can now be automated, so if you’re looking for an updates-only maintenance package, it should cost around £20 + VAT per month.

This is what we change for taking care of your WordPress updates on a monthly basis.

If you need more than just the updates sorting, the cost will increase from there.

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How does a WordPress maintenance contract work?

Maintenance contracts work in different ways depending on your current website setup.

Firstly, it’s crucial that your hosting company provides rolling overnight backups of your WordPress site, database and all associated files.

Secondly, it’s equally important that your updates are scheduled and not allowed to run whenever an update is available.

Scheduling updates prevent them from running over weekends or in the middle of the night. It also means we can hold off on an update that might cause issues.

Like any software update, it is tested before being rolled out, but bugs can occasionally creep in, so it is prudent to delay the update slightly to see how it affects other people’s sites.

If you have the backups in place, we use an app to schedule your updates during office hours. We also take before-and-after screenshots, and the app compares the pre- and post-updated sites to look for any layout changes or issues.

We are then notified automatically of any post-updated errors so we can dive in and fix them.

That’s how it works and why it should not cost you more than £20 per month.

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WordPress maintenance FAQs

What does WordPress maintenance cover?

It it’s most basic form, WP maintenance takes care of updates to your WordPress install, plugins and themes.

Why is WordPress maintenance important?

Regular maintenance ensures your website remains secure, performs optimally, and stays updated with the latest features and bug fixes. It helps prevent downtime, security breaches, and compatibility issues.

What is the best way to backup my WordPress site?

Use a reliable backup plugin like UpdraftPlus, BackupBuddy, or a hosting provider’s backup service. Ensure backups are stored offsite, such as in cloud storage, and automate the process for regular intervals.

What are some common issues that arise with WordPress updates?

Common issues include plugin or theme conflicts, loss of customisations, and compatibility problems. Always back up your site before updating, test updates in a staging environment if possible, and review the updated changelogs for potential issues.

Can you get more than just maintenance?

Yes you can; we offer a wide range of WordPress services that cover off design and UX, SEO, development, content writing and any work related to WordPress.

What does WordPress maintenance cost?

A basic maintenance plan for WordPress starts from £20 + VAT per month. This covers WordPress updates only. You can use our WordPress maintenance calculator to work out costs,

Do you host websites too?

Yes, we can host your website for you. We offer fully managed hosting, so we take care of everything. Hosting charges are based on the storage your site needs.

Can you help with SEO?

We do a lot of SEO work, and just like our maintenance packages, SEO services are available on affordable monthly plans.