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Providing a new website, support and SEO for The Victorian Society.

About our WordPress support client.

The Victorian Society is the only charity dedicated to fighting for Victorian and Edwardian heritage and are a statutory consultee in the planning system.

They help tackle the climate emergency by campaigning for the sensitive reuse of historic buildings to generate much lower carbon emissions than demolition and rebuilding.

We helped The Victorian Society with new branding, website, ongoing support, and SEO.


WordPress support for the Victorian Society

Providing WordPress support for a not-so-technical team.

Managing a WordPress site is not something that comes naturally to everyone.

Websites can be complex, and content management systems even more so. If your time is better spent dealing with the press and the issues your charity is supporting, there’s often little time left to get your head around the finer details of content management.

We help our clients with the more technical aspects of putting a new site together at every stage of the project.

For WordPress support, we provide daily help with the site, from adding new content to fixing formatting and image issues.

Our team provides the charity with a one-stop shop for WordPress technical help, design, and creativity.

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Charity website support
Victorian Society Marie

Toast have been the very best partner. They have been patient and supremely helpful. Their team have responded to our brief and given us over and above what we asked so we can continue campaigning for Victorian and Edwardian buildings and structures as we have done since 1958.

Marie Clements
Communications and Media Manager

Supporting an effective marketing website.

Donations and memberships are crucial to Charities, as is the ability to publish content that attracts these important funding streams.

We built this new site to be easy for our client team to use.

Posting and managing new content is done using custom post types so all the content is organised and easy to find.

Block variations were kept to a minimum to simplify day-to-day editing.

Volunteers also play an important role in all charity work, and the site needs to cope with different users and access levels.

We also provided WordPress training for 20 regional volunteers as part of our support.

Going that extra mile for Charities needing WordPress support.

Did you know we offer a 10% discount for all Charities working with us for WordPress Maintenance and support?

If you would like to discuss your Charity website support options, book a free 30-minute consultation call.

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Managing WordPress sites for Charities and non-profits.

Our WordPress support services take care of everything on your WordPress website.

We don’t just look after the technical aspects, we help clients with:

  • Design
  • Development work
  • Content
  • On-page SEO
  • SEO planning and strategy
  • Off-page SEO
  • Hosting
  • Email
  • DNS

As we’re experienced in every aspect of WordPress-related support, we can offer all these in-house services as part of any support contract with a Charity or NFP.

Some of the Charity and NFP clients we look after.

How can Charities benefit from effective WordPress support?

Our support services are billed by the minute, so if something takes 11 minutes, you pay for 11 minutes.

This approach to WordPress support saves our clients money.

We’ve eliminated the old agency model of a one-hour bill for 20 minutes of work, which applies to all our services when a Charity is on a retained monthly support package.

Other benefits include:

  • 16 staff, so there is always someone to help you out
  • Wide-ranging experience across all aspects of WordPress – a one-stop solution
  • UK-based, fully-employed team – we’re accessible and GDPR-friendly
  • All work is done 100% in-house, so you know it’s securely completed
  • More than just WordPress – you can get design, dev work, SEO and more as part of your package
  • A 10% discount on everything, from development work to hosting!

Is your Charities website on a different CMS?

We can help you move your Charity site to WordPress and reap all the benefits of this SEO-friendly and easy-to-use CMS.

We move clients’ websites to WordPress all the time; it forms a significant part of our projects.

WordPress is by far the best CMS on the planet, and over 35% of all sites on the Internet are built on WordPress.

If you are considering a move to WordPress, get in touch. We can chat about the different WordPress and the difference a good support package will make to your Charity.

Don’t forget online donaitions.

Many charities do not accept donations online; WordPress makes this easy.

We can add donation-taking capabilities to your website via a plugin or a custom solution.

These can seamlessly integrate with whatever you use to manage this, and Gift Aid is taken care of as standard.

This is a good example of the support project we completed for charities and NFPs.