WordPress keyword reports

We think it’s better to track the keywords you want to rank for than spend ages pawing over Google Analytics data.

How WordPress Support Works

Like most people, you’ve probably got Google Analytics installed on your site.

It’s a serious bit of kit and no site should be without it. But does it actually give you the information in a way that you can use to make intelligent content decisions for your site?

The answer is probably, somewhere.

We use Analytics, but we also use other Keyword tracking tools on our SiteCare plans. These tools will give you far more easily accessible data on your placement for keywords that you choose.

Tracking your rankings

When you can identify what ranks where you can start to effectively plan your content. I’ve you’ve several important keywords ranking just outside the top ten, you know where to focus your initial content marketing efforts.

When these move up, you will see an increase in traffic.

95% of click-throughs to all websites come from page one of the search results.

Knowing where you rank can directly influence your marketing activity and the budgets you’re given to work with. Tracking a keyword is about closing the loop on your online marketing efforts – you can start to see when keywords surface in the top ten and the page of your site that’s ranking for that keyword.

Providing you’ve got your landing pages built properly, you’ll see an increase in the conversions that page brings and the new business you win as a result.

Really useful information

Once you know how the land lies, you can then start to make data-driven decisions about what sort of content you should be producing.

This removes all the guesswork from content and inbound marketing and enables you to go after the easy-wins first – quickly generating some return on investment.

Everything we do at Toast is keyword-data-driven. We help our clients to make sense of all the available data and to put digital marketing plans in place that work hard from day one.

Success breeds success

Once you start ranking for converting keywords and get conversions from your site, it can get a little addictive.

  • You identified an 11-20 ranking keyword that will convert for you
  • You produced some targetted content specifically to rank for that keyword
  • You saw your positions jump onto the first page of results
  • You get your first enquiry directly off the back of this work
  • You win your first keyword-driven client

The key to this is knowing what keywords to focus your efforts on. We can help you to identify these and put plans into place to help you produce effective hard-working content.

It just keeps giving

Once your page ranks it will continue to deliver qualified sales leads to your team.

We cannot stress enough what a difference a keyword-driven marketing campaign for your website will make to your bottom line.

None of this is rocket science, but you need the data to be able to make these decisions in the first place. Without it, you’re working with on the ‘post and pray’ approach – endlessly writing and publishing content with no idea if it’s actually converting for you.

Get keyword data!


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