Mark Williams

Mark Williams.

Creative & Production Director.

What do you do at Toast?

I’m the production director at Toast, I manage and organise our clients work through the design studio, ensuring deadlines are met and within budget. I also account manage several of our larger clients, working closely with them to evolve processes, look at new opportunities and advise them on the most effective way of creating and producing their marketing materials. I’m also the finance director and manage any financial issues at Toast.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Toast?

Every day creates its own challenges, solving these not only creatively but methodically is what keeps things interesting for me, this and being part of the great team that we have built here. Working with a wide range of clients ensures things aren’t dull, talking and helping them is rewarding, not only on a business level but a personal one too.

What do you like doing outside of Toast?

When I’m not kicking lumps out of people playing 5-a-side, I’m either out going for a run or getting jumped on by the kids. I’m also working my way through several box sets when everyone is asleep.