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If your site is mission-critical, we can help with support and maintenance.

What is a mission-critical website?

Every website is essential. As they are live 24/7, you need your site to always work correctly.

However, there are some websites for which downtime is an absolute no-go.

If your site is mission-critical, it usually:

  • Is the main marketing channel for your business
  • Has 1000s of visitors per month
  • Gains visitors from all over the world
  • Has a large and active membership
  • Provides services that people rely on

Sites such as the above, have to work correctly, there is no room for broken functions or downtime.

How we can provide support for mission-critical WordPress sites.

If you need that extra level of support, we can provide the team and expertise to ensure your website works.

We look after a large number of mission-critical sites for UK-based companies.

Your site is crucial to your business operations, so we can develop custom service-level agreements to meet your needs.

We can also provide bespoke hosting options.

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Mission Critical WordPress support

What level of support does a mission-critical website need?

Off-the-shelf WordPress support packages seldom meet the needs of mission-critical sites, and there is more to consider than you might think.

Supporting a larger, busy website requires more than just technical support, you need to factor in everything from DNS to the website hosting environment.

Key things to consider for mission-critical WordPress support.


Lack of support access to your DNS can significantly slow down critical website errors if there is a DNS-related issue.

Making sure your support team has DNS access can save a lot of time and worry.


If your website is mission-critical, it needs a hosting solution to match.

You may wish to consider additional levels of security, server redundancy, backup frequency and one-click restore options.

Hosting access.

Your IT team should have direct access to the hosting, control pannel and hosting support.

You should be able to do it if you need to reboot the server.

Ensure named members of your team have hosting access as required.

Local team.

Did you know that allowing access to your WordPress site outside of the EEU could be infringing on GDPR?

You need to know who can access your site and where they are accessing it from, as GDPR explicitly bans data transfer across borders.



Sounds obvious, but a lot of WordPress support providers farm work out to the cheapest bidder.

If your site is mission-critical, you need to know that the team working on it knows what it’s doing.

Solid SLAs.

Off-the-shelf won’t cut it for mission-critical WordPress support.

Work with an agency to write an SLA that provides what you need and is inline with what the agency can support.

Keep things inside office hours.

Don’t install a plugin or update your site at 2 p.m. on a Sunday if you don’t want an issue to arise.

If updates and site changes are completed within an agreed-upon window of work, a significant number of WordPress support issues can be avoided.

Make the investment.

If your site is mission-critical, make the required investment to minimise downtime and ensure that support is available when you need it.

Cheap hosting and scrimping on WordPress support fees will not help a mission-critical website.

Mission-critical sites need bespoke support plans.

Talk to us about your site and its’ unique requirements and we’ll assemble a support plan that meets your needs.

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FAQs for larger website WordPress support and maintenance.

What makes mission-critical WordPress different?

Mission-critical websites can’t be offline, so you need special support, maintenance and hosting plans in place to keep them working.

Do you do out-of-hours support?

We do, but it’s expensive.

If you require a team member to be available seven days a week, outside of office hours, charges start at £1000 + VAT per month. This is a retainer for the support and is billable whether any requests are made.

The reason for this charge is that someone always needs to be available, whether they are needed or not.

Do you work with larger teams of people?

Yes – we can work with your entire team, and everyone can have their own logins for our ticket system to make requests.

We can also write an SLA to cover who is allowed to request what, and what the approval process should be (if any).

Can you manage hosting?

Yes, we do this for a lot of companies.

We plan and set up your hosting account and manage it for you, but you retain ownership and are billed directly by the hosting company.

Do you outsource work?

No. Our team does all the work in-house. We take security and privacy very seriously, so all our staff have the correct contracts and are trained on GDPR and protecting our clients’ information.

What other services to you provide?

We are a full-service agency, and you can use your support time for any of our in-house services. These include graphic design work, branding, copywriting, print design, WordPress development, SEO, and more.

One aspect of our support that makes it very different is that we are able to offer all these additional services; we’re not just WordPress developers.

Can we discuss contractual agreements?

If you have specific requirements for outsourcing WordPress support, we can discuss your requirements and mutually agree to any contracts that may need to be in place.

Examples of larger WordPress sites thatwe look after.

County Town Homes.

WordPress support, maintenance and hosting for this busy property website.



We provide ongoing support and website maintenance for this corporate site that we built for Travelodge.

Uniquely Health.

Speedy ad-hoc support for this health website, with quick-fixes and on-hand support as required.

Examples of WordPress support and Maintenance


On-demand support for this business dental website with bookings support and hosting.

Examples of WordPress support and Maintenance

Hook Norton Brewery.

We provide full support and maintenance for Hooky’s website along with hosting.