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If your website isn’t being found in searches, you’re missing out on a whole load of potential new customers.

As you know WordPress, you’ll probably have heard of Yoast, the WordPress SEO plugin.

Yoast is a powerful SEO plugin for WordPress that analyses your page and post content against a keyword you specify.

The idea is that you add the term you want to rank for and Yoast then scans your content to check that you’ve got everything in the right place.

There’s more to SEO than Yoast.

Yoast does a really great job on your on-page SEO, but it can often be tricky to make sure you’ve completed all the required edits to the title, URL, ALT tags and content.

This gets even more tricky if you’ve not been using Yoast and then install it on a large site – this creates a serious amount of work to go through all of your content and images to mark them up correctly.

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There’s more to SEO than Yoast.

Yoast is a great tool, but that’s all it is – it will not help you write optimised content, and it won’t scan other people’s content to see what related terms and phrases you should be using on your page.

We use a whole load of other tools for researching how your content needs to be optimised – from Google to SEM Rush and LSI graph.

These tools show us what sort of content Google is ranking for specific search strings, and more importantly, the terms and keywords that high-ranking content is using.

This data arms us with everything we need to produce a well (not over) optimised piece of content.

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Bringing it all together.

The effectiveness of your on-page SEO depends on so many different factors that it can seem like an uphill task to sort it all out.

We can help as part of your support plan or as a standalone service.

Toast works with lots of clients to optimise content and get it ranking higher in the search engines.

It’s a step-by-step process that utilises lots of paid-for online tools to get the data and then start making smart content optimisation decisions.

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Our site audit will help you understand what’s good and what needs improving on your website.

We offer a ‘lite’ audit for free, so you can see the sort of information you’ll be delivering.