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Many sites we work with have been hacked at some point.

Whilst this is annoying and requires a clean-up, the actual results of a site hack can be devastating.

For example, let’s say that you’ve been working hard on building up your site content, but got hacked 3 months ago – and did not know – not all hacks take down sites.

So all that hard work you’ve been doing on SEO and getting your content to rank has slowly all been undone by a hacker installing some phantom pages on your site or sending our 100s of emails that you didn’t even know about.

These type of hack can do serious damage to your sites reputation and placecment in the search engines.

What is site monitoring

We use two different types of monitoring. SiteCare 40 uses a plugin-based system to notify us of changes to your site and any potentially unwelcome files (it also lets us know about brute force login attempts).

SiteCare 80 and 120 plans see your site physically connected to our Sucuri account for active monitoring – this is 24/7 scanning of your site to check for any malware or suspicious files.

Should the worst happen and your site becomes infected, our friend at Sucuri will scan the site and remove all the offending code and hacks.

Given the complexities of site hacks, a manual clean up of a WordPress site can take hours, so your site (on SiteCare 80 or 120) will benefit from this automated process, should you ever need it.

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Have you been hacked?

We provide clean-up services for hacked sites. Better still, if you are on one of our support plans, the security, hack protection, and should the worst happen, hack clean-ups are all covered.

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