Articles about WordPress Technical Issues.

Support and advice about WordPress technical issues.

Finding and fixing technical issues in WordPress can be a complex task. Read our articles to find out more about improving your website.

Get help sorting your DNS records
Written by: David Foreman

Get help sorting your DNS records.

Don’t risk downtime on your site or email with incorrect DNS records. We can get them all sorted for you!

Written by: Lilli Foreman

What is WordPress Maintenance Mode?

WordPress Maintenance Mode helps you get all the nitty gritty sorted on your website, without people finding them before you can fix them. So what actually is it and why is it so useful for website owners?

Written by: Lilli Foreman

The 10 Most Common Errors Found in WordPress Sites.

Struggling with your website but want to try fix it yourself? It can be a taxing job but here’s a collection of the most common WordPress errors and what you can do to fix them to give you a leg up.

Written by: Lilli Foreman

A Quick Guide on WordPress Custom Post Types.

For some, figuring out all things WordPress can be the bane of one’s online existence. If you’ve tried reading or watching tutorials on Custom Post Types and they’ve left you more lost than before, come take a look.

Updating an old WordPress Site
Written by: David Foreman

Is your WordPress site too old?

If your WordPress install, plugins or theme are seriously out of date, it can cause big problems when you try to update.