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By-the-minute support for your WordPress website: you’ll like us.

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Zero-hassle WordPress support.

We provide WordPress support for 100s of WordPress sites.

Whatever the theme, however, it’s built, and whoever built it, we can provide cost-effective and speedy help for your WordPress site.

We have various plans, from ad-hoc support to fixed monthly retainers and larger bespoke plans for bigger websites.

Simple pricing, simple process and hassle-free.

Our WordPress support plans are very flexible.

Everything is based on time, and we work by the minute, so if a task takes 14 minutes, that’s all you pay for.

  • Choose your support plan from our standard options or get a bespoke plan.
  • Submit a support request via a ticket, email or by giving us a call.
  • We’ll let you know how long it will take and when we can do it.
  • We’ll complete the job and subtract the time from your monthly allocation.
  • No rounding of minutes into hours.
  • No stream of endless invoices for small jobs.

Each SiteCare plan has an allocation of time:

  • SiteCare 40: 40 minutes per month
  • SiteCare 80: 80 minutes per month
  • SiteCare 120: 80 minutes per month

As you use your time, we simply take it off your total for the month.

Topping up your time if you need to.

If you run out of time in any given month, you can simply top-up your time in 30-minute increments @ £30 for 30 minutes (ex VAT).

So if you need more work in a certain month, it’s no problem – we’ll use your allocated time and you can simply top-up for anything else you need.

Fully transparent monthly reporting.

We use Zendesk for support tickets and Harvest to track time, so if you would like a detailed monthly breakdown of how much time you have used, and what it’s been used on, we can send you one each month.

No complex contracts or tie-ins.

All SiteCare plans are on rolling monthly contracts, so if you do wish to cancel, you can do so by giving us one calendar month’s notice. There are no long contracts or complex terms and conditions.

Seriously good SLAs.

Most of our support tickets are actioned same day (office hours only). Our SLAs are based on the plan you are on and can be customised should you need additional support or an expedited service.

Note that we do not offer out-of-hours support.

UK-based full-time team based in our studio.

Remote workers might work for some people, but we have a team of 17 full-time staff, all working from our Oxfordshire-based studio, so there is always someone to answer the phone or email and get your site sorted.

You’ll get to know the Toast team, and we’ll all get to know your site. This means you’re not dealing with people you don’t know, and you don’t have remote anonymous workers fiddling with your website.

Everything is done 100% in-house, and we outsource nothing, so you can trust the team to get the job done.

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With over 150 clients on our support plans already, we have a lot of happy customers.

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