WordPress site audits

Whether your site was built last week or last year, a WordPress Site Audit will provide you with an objective report on the health of your site.

How WordPress Support Works

We love a site audit and use them all the time to check sites.

Imagine that you’ve’ had a brand new site designed and built. You’ve spent an age populating it with content and images, writing blogs and working hard on SEO – only to discover that it scores 20/100 in Google Page tests! What do you do?

The initial audit

The first audit we run on your site will throw up a wide range of issues that need to be fixed. However, most of these will be:

  • Content related
  • Simple fixes
  • Schoolboy errors

Technically most of them will be easy to fix – providing you know they are there. Be prepared to invest some time in getting all the simple errors sorted though – it can take a while.

Rolling site Audits

Once the basic stuff has been fixed, we then plug your site into our Audit tool to report weekly. The benefit of this is that your site will never go more than seven days without being checked, and any errors reported.

This means there won’t be many of them to sort, and we can then do this as part of your support package, or you can check the PDF report yourself and fix them.

Making your site as good as it can be

Audits do help us do exactly that. Continual site improvement to make sure you stay ahead of the competition.

As well as the audit, some of our plans also include keyword performance reports, content suggestions and competitor analysis so you can see where you rank, where the competition ranks and improvement tips for pages of your site to start outranking them.

This type of reporting is essential for B2B and larger websites or any site where you actively use digital marketing to win new business.

You’ll find that the reports are real eye-openers. Some of our clients have used the data to actually increase marketing budgets for their websites.

It all means that you’re no longer in the dark about the health of your site and your placement in the search – this stuff goes over-and-above Google Analytics to give you concise reports that make sense.

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Google Analytics can provide you with more data than you’ll ever need, but what about tracking a list of keywords that you specifically want to rank for? Our WordPress Site Audit will shed some light on your rankings.

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