Flexible charging with Toast Time.

Most agencies charge by the hour, with a minimum charge of one hour – Toast Time is different.

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Say hello to Toast Time

Toast Time does away with the standard hourly charging structure that most WordPress agencies use.

If you need ad-hoc support you’d usually expect to be quoted per hour, even for the smallest of jobs.

Toast Time is the pre-bought time that you can use as and when you need it and is used in one-minute blocks. We think this is better value for money.

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Toast Time flexible design time

What makes Toast Time different?

Toast Time is pre-bought blocks of our time that you can then use for smaller jobs.

What makes it different is that we work in blocks of one minute rather than in blocks of one hour.

This means that small tweaks on your site that only take us 5 minutes, will only cost you five minutes rather than a full hour.

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How does it work?

You can buy Toast time in six-hour chunks.

It’s bought in advance, and there’s one invoice (saving accounting and admin time).

When you put in a support request that’s over and above your support contract time, the work is completed and your available Toast Time reduced accordingly in one-minute blocks of time.

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Top Up Toast Time

Not just for support contracts

If you need some work doing on your site, you can buy Toast Time on this site and top it up at any time.

It’s usually best to have a quick conversation about your requirements so we can suggest the best way of getting the job done for you, but Toast Time is a flexible way of working with us.

The benefits to you.

Because Toast Time is paid for in advance, there’s one invoice; that’s less admin and accountancy time.

Working by the minute gives you a lot of flexibility and you avoid paying too much for small tasks.

It also means that when you put a call in, you’ve already on our systems, so we can get your job done without delay.

That’s why our clients love Toast Time.

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How much does it cost?

Toast Time is charged by the minute.

Rather than working to our ad-hoc rates with a minimum charge of one hour, Toast Time allows you to buy time in advance and chip away at it by the minute.

There is a minimum purchase of 15 minutes, which is £15 ex VAT.

Like the sound of Toast Time?

If you’d to get yourself some Toast Time it’s best to give us a call on 01295 266644 to chat through how best we can help you. Alternatively, complete the form and we’ll get in touch.