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Ignoring WordPress Updates: What Happens Next?
Written by: Lilli Foreman

What happens to your WordPress site if you don’t keep it up to date?

Ignoring WordPress updates is something that you should not do, like at all. Failing to keep up with important maintenance tasks can have a serious effect on the way your site works, as well as your business. It’s not worth the possible hacking and malware risks, so if you don’t know much about it, you will now.

WordPress Maintain Plan: 20 reasons why you need it
Written by: Lilli Foreman

20 Reasons to get a WordPress Maintenance Plan.

Support is always here when you need it and a WordPress maintenance plan is a worthwhile investment for all site owners. It lets you have the stress-free experience you hoped you could have. 

Do you really need 24/7 WordPress Support?
Written by: Lilli Foreman

Do you really need 24/7 WordPress support?

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help; 24/7 WordPress support is something you shouldn’t have to live without. At Toast, we aim to support as many clients as possible to keep their sites in their best state without people breaking the bank.

Why is hosting so important for effective WordPress maintenance
Written by: Lilli Foreman

Why is hosting so important for effective WordPress maintenance?

Looking after your site shouldn’t be hard, as long as you are with the right hosting provider. It’s so important to have a host that works with your needs and to help you make an informed decision, take a look at this blog.

Written by: Lilli Foreman

What is WordPress Maintenance?

Maintaining your WordPress website is a great skill to have, or at least knowing how to do it is. In this complete guide, learn what it is, tips to maintain your site, and even how to improve what’s already there.

Written by: David Foreman

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