Ten reasons you should consider professional WordPress support.

You already know how to manage the page and post content of your site, but a professional WordPress support contract can help with all the techy stuff and more!

Looking after the content on a WordPress site should be a breeze (if it’s been built well), but what happens if technical issues arise that are outside of your skill set? This is why you need professional WordPress support to keep your site working hard and running as it should.

Website managers and marketing managers are often left trying to sort WordPress issues that are best left to professional WordPress support agents, and this is why we offer a range of WordPress support plans to suit most websites.

Ten reasons why we think you should have support

You’ve probably got the day-to-day management of your site sorted but what about the build quality of your site, its speed, responsiveness and other important technical stuff? Below are 10 reasons why we think we can offer you value for money, professional WordPress support.

1. We fix things quickly

Professional WordPress support companies can diagnose and fix issues with your site qucikly. We’ve seen most issues that affect WordPress sites before, so we’re able to dive in and get them sorted with the minimum of fuss.

2. We fix things properly

There are literally 1000s of different ways to achieve the same thing in WordPress. Making sure that any fixes are done using the best possible solution keeps your site running properly, avoids potential code conficts and means the build quality of your site is maintained.

In our experience, there’s nothing worse that a WordPress site that’s been tweaked over time by lots of different developers using lots of different methods – all you end up with is a site that’s very fragile.

3. We’ll save you time and money

Sure, you could spend an hour Googling potential solutions to your WordPress problem – but that time costs money and are you really sure you’ve really solved the problem or fixed the issue? We think your time is best spent marketing the site. Our professional WordPress support means you’ve one less thing to worry about. Professional WordPress support should pay for itself.

4. You’ll get an objective point of view

We work on a lot of sites that have been live for some time. Often, when we first look at them it can become clear that things aren’t quite as they should be. We include an objective site review as part of all our support plans to show you everything that needs sorting on your site.

This can be anything from missing tags to duplicate content and helps youo identify what needs doing and in what order.

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5. We’ll keep your site optimised

Over time, errors and issues can creep into WordPress sites. Our professional WordPress help includes rolling reports on the built quality and heath of your site to keep it in tip-top conditonn. This also means that you can see the effectiveness of our work yourself – independantly verified by the third-party app.

6. We can advise on best-practice

It’s easy to add plugins to WordPress to achieve all kinds of functionality – but what are the best ones to use? What is the best way to achieve something you’ve been asked to make the website do? How has what’s been done affected performance of the site?

We can help you with all these sorts of questions – our WordPress care plans are not just for geeky stuff – we can help implement solutions too.

 7. We’ll talk about SEO

It’s pretty standard to have Yoast installed on a WordPress site. You probably do a lot of your own on-page SEO using it. We take this a step further by helping you to identify keyword opportunties for you site (we’re more than just technical WordPress support).

We’ll look at your keywords and identify what you should be doing, what your competitors are doing and the sort of content that you should be producing to rank better in the search and win more business online.

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8. We send you meaningful reports

WordPress support services from Toast are proactive. We do not wait for you to call, we actively keep you informed about your site.

Our weekly and monthly reports will share with you things that you (or we) can implement to have a positive impact on your WordPress site.

Not just a monthly Google Analytics report (that shows you lots of graphs that don’t mean much). Our reports cover lots of things – from mentions of your brand online to SEO opportunities on your site.

9. We’re based in the UK

Ok, so everything is in the cloud and people can work from anywhere, but we have a team of 15 staff across three floors in one building.

We’re based smack-bang in the middle of the UK in Oxfordshire.

You can come and see us. Having everyone under one roof means that all the team get to know you, your site and how best to support you.

We think this makes our WordPress support services a little bit different.

10. We’re more than techy developers

One of the things that makes our WordPress support team different from others is that we are all able to offer 360° support that goes over-and-above technical help.

Our team consists of strategists, designers, WordPress developers, copywriters and experiences marketers, so, unlike most WordPress care plans,  you can use your support time to dip into any of these skillsets to get things done.

From tweaking a logo for the website to copy-editing some content – your support contract with Toast is about support every aspect of your site and all the things that surround it – not just fixing code.

We’ve also got some pretty flexible ideas when it comes to comissioning a support team such as Toast Time.

WordPress maintenance plans

However large your website or niche your blog, we can create a WordPress maintenance contract that’s right for you.

If you’ve just inherited a new WordPress site and don’t know where to start, we can help with that too.

As a full-service agency we know how important it is that your site integrates into everything else you’re doing – just give us a call on 01295 266644 and we can have a no-obligation chat through what you need and how we can help and the difference professional WordPress support can make to your site.

David Foreman

David Foreman

Dave is the Managing Director at Toast and has been working with websites for over 25 years. He's a WordPress expert and has built 100s of WP sites. He now mainly works in improving organic SEO for clients.